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Laundry Pods 30s

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Clean clothes, clean planet. Our 5-in-1 laundry pod is packed with Concentrated Low Foam Detergent, Multi-enzyme blend that helps remove stains, brighten color, and soften fabric, Color Protection, Anti-bacterial Agent, and Scent Booster Beads infused with fresh ocean notes to keep your clothes smelling fresh for a long time.

Multi-enzyme synergy:

Enzymes are natural occurring proteins that are used in our laundry pod to help remove stains, breakdown odor causing bacteria, brighten fabric color and soften your clothes. Enzymes target specific types of stains and break the soiled mass into smaller molecules that are eventually washed away by the detergent. Stains are multi-layered, with each element in the stain forming a layer and that means an enzyme’s access to its target stain can be "blocked". By clearing paths through the stain’s layers for one another, the enzymes in our laundry pod boosts one another’s impact. The result is a high performance on a wide range of everyday stains.

Protease - Helps break down protein based stains. Protein is found in sweat, blood, urine, feces, grass, chocolate, dairy products and mud
Lipase - Helps break down fat, grease, and oil based stains.
Cellulase - Removes dirt particles, aids in stain removal, brightens the color of fabric, and softens your clothes.


Suggested number of laundry pods per load:
- 2 pod for small to medium laundry load or below 6kg
- 3 pods for large laundry load or 6-12kg
- 4 pods for extra large laundry load or above 12kg
*Lessen by 1 pod for milder scent

Drop the pods directly into the washing machine before putting in your laundry. DO NOT place inside the compartment for detergent/softener.
- bottom of the tub for top load washers
- back of the tub for front load washers

*No need to add other detergents
*No need to add fabcon, but it's okay to add
*Add bleach when needed
*Works well with Front, Top, and HE washers
*Not suitable for handwashing clothes

This package contains 30 pieces of laundry pods ocean scent.

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