How to use the All Purpose Cleaner Pods

Our all purpose cleaner pods are tough on dirt, grease, grime, and bacteria. It acts as a cleaner and disinfectant and is in fact proven to have a kill rate of 99.9% on common household germs like E. Coli, S. Aureus, and Salmonella.

Here's a quick how-to guide on how to use our all purpose cleaner pods, including tips on the types of surfaces it can be used on and other answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Let the cleaning and refilling begin! :)

How to use the all purpose cleaner pods

- In a spray bottle, mix 1 pod with 500ml water (tip: if you're getting the APC Starter or Package, the bottle that comes with it is already 500ml)
- In a bucket or basin, mix 1 pod with 1000ml (1L) water

- Pre-clean heavily soiled surfaces. Follow the 1 pod:500ml water mixture and spray on to the surface. Leave for 10 minutes then wipe dry.

Types of surfaces cleaned

surface:  stove, oven, kitchen countertop, table, window, wall, cabinet, floor, door

method: spray and wipe (no need to rinse after wiping)

*safe on wood, metal, glass, and painted surfaces



surface: bathroom tiles, sinks, toilet, bathtub

method: spray, brush, and rinse

other heavily-soiled items

method: spray and wipe (rinse and repeat if needed)



1) What is the pod made of?
- The pod is made of a water-soluble and biodegradable synthetic polymer called Polyvinyl Alcohol that easily dissolves when mixed with water leaving no waste.

2) What type of surface materials can the cleaner be used for?
- The cleaner can be used for all types of surfaces like wood, metal, glass, tiles, and leather.

3) Will the cleaner damage paint?
- The cleaner will not damage the paint (but then of course this will also depend on how vigorous the scrubbing will be ;))

4) Is it safe for pets?
- The cleaner is made from generally mild ingredients that are effective in cleaning and disinfecting. These ingredients will not cause any harm to pets unless they drink it. We know they can be clingy but make sure to keep your pets away first while cleaning. :)

5) Is it safe for cleaning baby stuff?
- It is okay to use the cleaner for cleaning baby stuff. We recommend that you rinse them with water or wipe with damp cloth after cleaning.

6) How long is the shelf life of the pods?
- It can last up to 2 years if stored in room temperature and away from sunlight. We recommend that you store your pods inside a cabinet.

7) How long is the shelf life of the pods when mixed with water?
- It can last up to 30 days if stored in room temperature and away from sunlight. Like the pods, we recommend that you store your cleaner inside a cabinet.


If you have other questions or before and after photos you'd like to share with our community, just tag us @suds.sustainablepods on Facebook or Instagram. Happy cleaning and see you on your next refill! :)